Kunduchi For Dogs

We supply a wide selection of Dog Products which include our Classy Dog and Sporty Dog Jerseys, Our Comfort Clip and Comfort Slip Rope Lead Range, Our Car Seat Protectors ‘Car Hammocks’, and our Original Couch Protectors ‘Couch Potatoes’. We also supply Granulated Seaweed that is excellent for the treatment of coat and skin disorders, and Devil’s Claw that is good for the treatment of Arthritis and conditions associated with poor joint mobility.

Popular Dog Products

Kunduchi For Cats

Cats love our incredibly pungent array of Super Catnip products, Cat Scratchers, Super Grass and Feed Supplements which will keep your cat healthy and happy. Cats absolutely adore our New Original Couch Potato, that makes them feel secure and content whilst protecting your valuable furniture.

Popular Cat Products